During my career as a professional genealogist I have worn several genealogy hats:

Dear Genealogy Friends: During my career as a professional genealogist I have worn several genealogy hats:

  1. I am a speaker addressing hundreds of workshops seminars and week-long Expos.
  2. I am a writer of genealogy how-to books with over 90 titles published by my Genealogical Institute Woods Cross Utah and Tremonton Utah. And almost 30 titles 2015-2018 for Family History Expos of Morgan Utah.
  3. I consult with genealogists you want to trace their ancestors themselves–they just need a gentle push toward the right sources. I also prepare record and archive itineraries for genealogy trips and special events.
  4. I love genealogy research looking for evidence to prove difficult-to-trace- family trees and specific ancestors. This is where I spend the bulk of my time–in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City Utah or in libraries and archives near where your  ancestors spent their lives. You see, I am one of the few professional genealogists who still do field research. The Genealogical Institute was established in 1972 to provide quality  professional genealogy research you could count on – researching your ancestors in the Southern States, especially Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky; New York and other Middle States (Maryland and Delaware) that feed into the South; British Isles including Ireland. See website http://arleneeakle.com for contact information, rates, and fees. Genealogy Research provides the information base for all of my other activities. What I speak about, what I write about comes from actual documents, books, research experiences! In late April and early May of this year, I spent three weeks in New Hampshire, Maryland, and North Carolina with a short side trip to the Iowa Historical Society for a newspaper article. In the coming weeks I will share with you my discoveries on that trip, here in my blogs.
  5. I am a blogger–with several blogs that have been in hiatus while I traipsed around the country gathering new evidence for old problems.
  6. And I am a librarian–with a sizeable genealogy library where manuscript sources and books  that would otherwise be thrown away are preserved for use.

These activities are not meant as a brag–just an introduction to what I do and an invitation to take advantage of my experience and desire to share how I can help you.

The Genealogical Institute: We trace your family tree or teach you how. Our crew: Arlene H. Eakle, Linda E. Brinkerhoff, webmaster Kathryn Bassett, and Robbi I. Eakle. We have tried to maintain a 96% success rate tracing hard-to-find ancestors.
Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle.

PS Stay tuned! Genealogy is a fluid, ever-moving and changing world. Very exciting to be involved with.

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