Did you know…? Kentucky celebrates “The Magic of Differences” Week.

“The Magic of Differences” Week provides cultures and individuals with an opportunity to cease being threatened by differences.   And to awake to the value that differences bring to our world.  Genealogy is all about differences.  And the discovery of  what makes you and me truly unique.

Sometimes the discovery comes from DNA that doesn’t match.  Or family groups that do not have a gap where your ancestor would fit, but next door is another, slightly different family where a gap in the right date-span is available.  

Sometimes you meet difference in a new occupation or one that was practiced differently than the normal dictionary description.

Sometimes your ancestor made a new choice of religion that surprises you–because you have focused for so long on another one.

Sometimes you discover a second wife you didn’t know or a first wife with children farmed-out to relatives so the father could work without interruption.  Or, fight in the current war.

Of all the pursuits you could spend your time on, genealogical research prepares you for the unexpected, in ways that other studies do not.

Enjoy the differences, this week especially.  Join other Kentuckians  as they celebrate “the Magic of Differences” Week.  Your favorite Kentucky genealogist, Arlene Eakle.  http://arleneeakle.com

PS  Will you share with the readers of this Kentucky blog  some of the differences you discover?   Please email or make a comment.

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