123 Posts on Kentucky–a Mini-Sode

As part of my Genealogy News Sheet and my focus on genealogy evidence in that newsletter, there are 123 Posts on Kentucky or which include Kentucky in the sources described. 

If you type Kentucky into the Google search screen on my Genealogy Blog Home page, Google will list the 123 posts for you.  You can then choose by subject what I have already written.

My current publications list includes 3 Kentucky volumes–1) Kentucky Stations and Forts with name lists of early settlers; and 2) Early Marriages (before 1800) with maps and other Kentucky goodies.  And a NEW research guide to TN and KY:  Twin Gateways to the South.  I am also working on a Volume 3–watch for its announcement.

I do enough professional research in Kentucky that I have months of stuff to share with you–stuff that will make the difference with your hardest-to-find ancestors.  Stuff taken from the original manuscript records and printed sources currently available for Kentucky genealogy.

These research materials are aids to finding the birthplaces of ancestors where the census says only “Kentucky.”  Good searching.  And please stay tuned.  Your favorite Kentucky genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://www.arleneeakle.com

PS  The challenge of connecting your ancestors from Kentucky into VA, MD, NC, SC, and PA just got easier!

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